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(Direct c/p from my blog)

To those who aren't kept up to date, I have graduated college and the official commencement will be next Monday, the 22nd. While I'm taking my board exam and sending job applications, I can now commit to a real art stream schedule until I can find work.

I will be streaming on since I like the service.

Thursdays: 8PM - 12AM+
Fridays: 8PM -  12AM+
Saturdays: 8PM - 12AM+
Sundays (Maybe): 9PM - 12AM

It's a loose schedule, so nothing is set in stone, but I plan to stream between those time frames and adjust accordingly with notification ahead of time. Of course, Jupp, I will stream whenever you say so on your off days.

I'll try to up my stream game by having necessary equipment (mic, webcam, etc.) and my own shitty interface. I got things laying around my house since my brother does gaming vids so I can just borrow stuff from him.

My streams will feature comic work, illustrations, viewer requests, and if things start to lose steam I'll pop in a vidya or something since that's standard stuff these days. No? Then I guess I'll just show my dog on the stream. Comments, questions, concerns,............ memes? Leave it all below!


Also, I created a new Facebook page to replace the one owned by the account that got axe'd by Facebook.
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For anyone using Facebook, my fun Facebook account had been D/C'd by a community manager because I refused to use a real name. Subsequently, the page I used was tied to the account, so you can put two and two together.
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Haven't been on DA for a while. Just reminding people about the scraps folder in the art gallery because that's where I will be putting all my sketches. The main gallery will only be for commissions and projects.

New canvas by Chopsuey9444
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Could I get some feedback? It's a silent chapter. I tried to illustrate storytelling without the use of dialogue.

Link to Mangablues


Illustration - 10/18/2015 by Chopsuey9444
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Hello fellow Deviants! Another aspiring comic artist here. I'm not exactly posting to advertise, but just to redirect to another post on my main blog about my comic.

Blogger Post

If there are any manga artists who would critique my art, that would be appreciated. :) (Smile) 
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White Lotus Studio

Greetings, subordinates! I have come forth to bring word from the great almighty... me.

Just kidding. As of now, I have four days to myself because of the Easter holiday. Prior, I haven't had the time to allocate as much effort into the comic as I would love to, but priorities priorities.

Moving back to the question I had posed a few days back, a lot of people had reassured my concerns and doubts with the comic while bringing up some interesting points. One of which is that there are manga out there that take place in other countries (Europe, medieval Europe, China, etc.) where the maker most likely does not originate from and where the characters are either poorly interpreted or horribly stereotyped. I didn't expect my comic to be 100% accurate to the country's customs and nor do I want it to. Since the comic is a comedy, if I have to, I will break some customary rules for the purposes of humor and like I had said a long time ago, people with problems about it can always move on.

In terms of script making, I'm going to say the same thing that I've been saying for the Nth time, and that I am still developing and honing it (though I'm considering having you readers involved to an extent with your input). My primary focus still, and will be for some time, is the art. In the future, I will create more character concepts for all of you to bash or lambaste.

Right now, I'm practicing paneling and general comicking with another short comic that I hope to show once it's finished. (I tried uploading an unfinished sketch of the cover, but it was too damn big!)

Once I finished the cover art, I'll shoot a link here from Deviant Art (if it isn't too big for DA). So yeah... that's what I've been up to lately.

If you want to insert an outrageous comment, ask questions, or just chew the fat, just reply below in the comments section. Since I'm pretty much a shut in, I'll reply posthaste (no guarantees).
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I've only used DA's journal for one thing only and had never touched it, but since part of being an online artist and manga maker involves making connections, I will now have to capitalize on the site's journal/blog thingy.

I am known as Chopsuey9444 among the sites I frequent. I also go under the moniker "White Lotus Studio" which is also the name of my main blog of which I post information pertaining to a slice-of-life manga I am aspiring to make and publish in the future. If you look in my art collection, you will realize that I am predominantly a manga-style artist.

I also currently make an experimental, episodic web manga of which parallels the events of the main manga. The purpose of this online manga is basically for me to practice framing and whatnot, but is entirely canonical to the manga (unless I retcon). This online web manga can be read on my Inkblazers account (yeah, yeah I know, the site is going under, but there aren't any good Western alternatives at the moment). So if you're interested, give it a read.

As of now, I'm more focused on improving my art. But accomplishing my goal in being a manga maker is something I have always visioned vividly ever since I was a kid. Anyway, I hope to connect more with all of you and other fellow artists or writers who have the same goals.

I can be reached out, not only on DA, but through other sites such as:

-Official Facebook Page
-Official Main Blog (White lotus Studio)

Anyway, I hope this post didn't sound too kiddish or that my ambitions don't seem like a far cry (I'm pretty damned determined Goddammit!), but I'm not really good at introductions, so there! Eren Yeager (Smile) [V2]

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"Monday's Forecast for Hareyakana"

1) Mitsuru Hara- As a child, she was sheltered and babied by her family. Turmoil within her family had forced her to grow up a lot more sooner as she and her brother left the house to live on their own. Because of the amount of workload her brother had to put in to keep a roof over their heads, she became a part-time fashion model because of how well they were paid. She is ever-so kind and empathetic, but both naive and insecure. However, modeling gave her a brand new persona.
Mitsuru #2 by Chopsuey9444

2) Junichi Hara- Familial turmoil, along with the death of his father had brought Junichi to a reality of which he was not prepared for. He too, was forced to grow up early, but only to protect the only family member he had left. Though he tries to remain stoic in front of his younger sister, the cracks are beginning to show throughout his endeavor. Though he is often internal as a person, he is fairly easygoing and witty.

Junichi Updated Concept by Chopsuey9444

3) Masako Maeda- A homeless Chinese girl who is given permission by Mitsuru and Junichi Hara to live with them in their small apartment during one of Japan's worst snow storms, but due to a prolonged stay, she eventually becomes a part of the family. Despite her goofy, over-the-top, juvenile demeanor AND questionable ethics, she is not at all stupid or a bad person. Being raised on the streets, she holds plenty of knowledge pertaining to survival and is in addition, deceptively wise for her age.

Character Analysis:…
Masako #8 by Chopsuey9444

4) Ellie Ann- The eldest alien princess of an intergalactic race of shape-shifting, war-mongering slime monsters. As an otaku, she pirated anime via advanced alien technology beyond our comprehension and cosplays as humans for her younger siblings. For the lack of interest in inheriting the throne and being generally misunderstood, she leaves the colony to become an Earthling. She speaks alien.

Character Analysis:…
Ellie Ann, the Royal Alien Otaku Updated Concept by Chopsuey9444